Harbour Guide Greece

Ionian Sea - Peloponnesian - Corinthian Gulf - Athens - Saronic Gulf - Albania
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Harbour Guide Greece 1 provides a detailed description of all anchorages, harbours and marinas along the popular and well developed east coast of Greece including the Gulf of Corinth, the Peloponnese, Athens and the Saronic Gulf. The Guide also covers the entire coastline of Albania, a new and not yet well developed cruising area. 237 ports, bays and natural berthes, abt 290 mm x 233mm Soft cover, wire bound. Full colour. 2017, first edition

This Harbour Guide is written by one of Skagerrak Forlag’s most experienced skippers, Per Hotvedt. Per has sailed many of the world’s waters, but has spent many years sailing and exploring the waters of eastern Greece and Albania, collecting and compiling the information and charts presented in this guide.

This Harbour Guide, like all the guides in our series, presents each harbour on a separate page, a format that has been developed by Skagerrak Forlag based on the very extensive sailing experience of all the authors and editors who contribute to the production of our guides, including their use of our guides at sea. We believe that this format gives skippers and crews the best and easiest access to the information they need to bring their boat safely in to harbour.

On each page is a large aerial photograph of the harbour marked up with all the most important navigational information including approach line, a clear and large scale chart of the harbour itself, a text that describes the area around the harbour, where to eat and things to do and see, a description of berthing and anchoring and a fact box. All photographs are taken or commissioned by the publisher and are unique, all charts have been drawn exclusively for the publisher and include depth measurements made by the author or Skaggerak Forlag and the harbours included in the guide have been handpicked by ourselves based on our knowledge and exploration of the area.
An online subscription version of this guide is also available on www.harbourguide.com, with all other published Harbour Guides.

Artikelnummer BD7108
Haupttitel Harbour Guide Greece
Garantie 0
ISBN 9788279972075
EAN 9788279972075
Hersteller / Verlag Skagerrak Forlag
Produkttyp Buch
Medium / Produktart Papier
Kategorien Hafenführer / Revierführer
Sprache Englisch
Untertitel Ionian Sea - Peloponnesian - Corinthian Gulf - Athens - Saronic Gulf - Albania
Land / Region Griechenland, Albanien
Gewässer Adria, Ionisches Meer, Golf von Korinth
Autor Per Hotvedt
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Auflage 1
Ausführung Spiralbindung
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Dimension 1 (cm) 29
Dimension 2 (cm) 23,3
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