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NV.Atlas Florida 8.4: South, Plantation Key to Key West 2016/17

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Practical to use and accurate in the information and data published: This is the basic concept with which we have developed the nv-charts.

  • this Chart Kit is based on NOAA data with a new layout, clear cartography and international chart standards
    depths and heights are charted in feet
  • north up chart orientation
  • channel markers in red and green
  • unique color differences, blue for the 6 ft and 18 ft dephts, and green for exposed tidal areas
  • contour lines for 12 ft and 30ft depths
  • under water reefs are clearly marked with a light green color and the reef above water in darker green
  • variable shoals marked in grey-blue
  • lighthouses illustrate their light characteristics for better identification
  • seaworthy chart layout - perfect chart flow from one chart to the next
  • standardized chart scales - passage charts 1:340,000 – coastal charts 1:45,000 and detail charts 1:25,000 or less
  • waypoints with latitudes and longitudes for GPS input
  • recommended courses with distances
  • arrow-symbols show buoyage direction
  • tide information on each chart


Passage Charts
C0 Caribbean Sea 1: 6,500,000
C1 Florida South 1: 1,300,000
C2 Miami to Cape Sable 1: 340,000
C3 Dry Tortugas to Big Pine Key 1: 340,000

Coastal Charts
C4 Key Largo to Long Key 1: 100,000
C5 Long Key to Bahia Honda Key 1: 100,000
C6 Florida Bay West 1: 100,000
C7 Spanish Hbr. to Boca Chica Key 1: 100,000
C8 Boca Chica to Marquesas Key 1: 100,000
C9 Plantation to Upper Matecumbe Key 1: 40,000
C10 Upper Matecumbe to Long Key 1: 40,000
C11 Long Key to Duck Key 1: 40,000
C12 Duck Key to Fat Deer Key 1: 40,000
C13 Fat Deer Key to Boot Key 1: 40,000
C14 Seven Mile Bridge 1: 40,000
C15 Bahia Honda to Big Pine Key 1: 40,000
C16 Big Pine to Sugarloaf Key 1: 40,000
C17 Sugarloaf to Boca Chica Key 1: 40,000
C18 Boca Chica Key to Key West 1: 40,000
C19 Key West 1: 40,000
C20 North of Sugarloaf Key 1: 40,000
C21 Big Pine Key N to Harbor Key Bank 1: 40,000
C22 Dry Tortugas 1: 40,000

C23A Boot Key Harbor 1: 20,000
C23B Tortugas Harbor 1: 15,000
C24 Key West 1: 20,000

Cruising Information · Harbour Pilot p.25-26
Introduction · Weather · Nature Information p.25-26
Legend · Notes p.27

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Artikelnummer BD6519
Haupttitel NV.Atlas Florida 8.4: South, Plantation Key to Key West 2016/17
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