CCC Orkney and Shetland Islands

Including North and Northeast Scotland
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CCC/Iain and Barbara MacLeod

The second edition of this comprehensive guide to Orkney and Shetland, which includes Fair Isle. It also covers the ‘jumping off' harbours on south side of the Pentland Firth and the mainland coast of Scotland between Inverness and Cape Wrath. The guide has been fully updated throughout.

In the same style as the other Clyde Cruising Club Sailing directions published under the Imray imprint. The section on the north coast of Scotland draws on work previously published from Martin Lawrence.

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Informations détaillées
REF BD6293
Nom de produit CCC Orkney and Shetland Islands
Short Description Including North and Northeast Scotland
Garantie 0
ISBN 9781786791610
EAN 9781786791610
Fabricant / éditeur Imray
Droit de retour Selon nos termes et conditions
Type de produit Livre
Type de produit Papier
Catégories Livre de bord / Livres pilotes
Langue Anglais
Pays / Région Écosse
Eaux Mer du Nord
Auteur Edited by Iain and Barbara MacLeod
Année de publication 2020
Édition 2
Type de reliure Reliure à spirale
Poids (kg) 0
Dimension 1 (cm) 29,7
Dimension 2 (cm) 21
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