CCC Sailing Directions and Anchorages - Firth of Clyde

Including Solway Firth and North Channel
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Clyde Cruising Club/Geoff Crowley

Part of the Clyde Cruising Club’s Sailing Directions and Anchorages series, Firth of Clyde extends beyond its titled area to the coast of Northern Ireland (Rathlin Island to Belfast Lough) and on the Scottish side southwards from Stranraer to Portpatrick and beyond to the Solway Firth and Cumbria.

Firth of Clyde covers everything from the busy waters of the Firth of Clyde and River Clyde to the more remote areas of the wider estuary and connected lochs, including the protected and beautiful Kyles of Bute and Loch Riddon, Loch Fyne and the Crinan Canal. Coverage then extends west and south to encompass North Channel and Solway Firth.

This new edition, updated by Geoff Crowley, continues the long-respected legacy of CCC publications for cruising sailors. The North Channel section has been extended to include details for Belfast itself. New photographs throughout illustrate the text and help orientate the navigator. Details on plans have been updated with reference to the new Imray 2900 Firth of Clyde chart pack for the area. References to Bob Bradfield’s useful Antares large scale charts are also included.

Whether you are a local sailor or a first-time cruising visitor, Firth of Clyde is an essential companion in these waters.

Updates and corrections are available via the Clyde Cruising Club website as below.

Includes free mobile download: Imray Digital Charts for West Britain and Ireland with the paper edition of this book not with the PDF edition.

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Nome prodotto CCC Sailing Directions and Anchorages - Firth of Clyde
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ISBN 9781786791641
EAN 9781786791641
Produttore / Editore Imray
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Tipo di prodotto Libro
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Categorie Guida del porto / Portolani
Lingua Inglese
Short Description Including Solway Firth and North Channel
Paese / Regione Scozia
Acque Mare d'Irlanda
Autore Clyde Cruising Club/Geoff Crowley
Anno di pubblicazione 2020
Edizione 3
Pagine keine Angaben
Tipo di rilegatura Rilegatura a spirale
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