Landsort -Skanör

Your harbour pilot to the archipelagos of southern Sweden (Includes Göta kanal, Vättern and Bornholm
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The pilot Landsort –Skanör covers the coastal area from Landsort and the whole southern coast down to Skåne, a total of 400 nautical miles. The pilot also includes the island of Öland, the Danish islands of Bornholm and Christiansø, the Swedish heartland water passage Göta kanal and the large lake Vättern.

The book guides you on an inspirational journey through the history, habits and environment of the islands and towns along the coast, combined with information on sights, shops, restaurants, museums, etc. Included are also chapters on nature reserves and protection areas, fishing, skating, diving, weather and safety at sea.

The pilot presents harbour facts and detailed information on some 190 natural harbours and 147 guest harbours. The natural harbours have been surveyed in the field and Hydrographica has produced 160 individual maps ranging from 1:3,000 to 1:10,000, all including information on where to moor and suitability in different weather conditions. The guest harbours have been photographed from the air and supplementary information on services, etc is given. Some 20 maps of guest harbours provide information about water depth and mooring.

Landsort –Skanör is much more than a complete harbour pilot. This interesting book with photographer Malcolm Hanes' attractive aerial photographs does not only cater for the boating community, it is an enjoyable read for anyone who visits or lives in the southern part of Sweden.

Catharina Söderbergh, the author of the main part of the book, is an experienced journalist and enthusiastic sailor. She has written several books, for example about August Strindberg's interest in food and gardening. Catharina sails the Baltic every summer with her 30-footer, which means that this pilot is based on her own sailing experiences.

Lars Granath is responsible for the maps and information about natural harbours. Lars is a biologist, physical geographer, cartographer, a leading expert in naval chart production and he teaches cartography at several universities. He has carried out detailed and precise measurements of all the natural harbours included in this book with the help of new, sophisticated technology. Lars Granath produces custom-made charts for boat clubs and authorities all over Sweden.

Joakim Lannek is a physical geographer, biologist and cartographer. Joakim has worked with naval chart production at Hydrographica since 2002. He previously taught cartography, chart design etc. at Stockholm University.

Jesper Sannel works with naval chart production at Hydrographica. Jesper has the same background as Lars Granath, and previously taught at Stockholm University. Since 2000 they cooperate in producing large-scale custom-made naval charts of the Swedish archipelago.

Landsort –Skanör is the second pilot in this series, the first published in English was Arholma–Landsort.

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