Italy - Mediterranean Sea Chart-Guide 3

Central and Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia
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A pilot is a fundamental companion to nautical charts and contains all the information that a yachtsman needs, but cannot be included on the charts themselves.

This guide and its 186 user-friendly charts show all of the available harbours, marinas and anchorages within this navigation area.

The introduction includes a table with distances and the main routes, a list of printed and digital charts, as well as local weather information.

The entire area is divided into nine macro-zones. Each one has its own quick guide that includes waypoints, harbour and marina facilities, plus the main features of local anchorages (e.g. nature of the seabed, shelter, facilities ashore). At a glance, you will be able to decide where to head based on your yacht and the weather.

Each chart has an icon that shows the harbour or bay position within the navigation area.

?This way you will always know exactly where you are. This guide also comprises 184 plans for harbours and marinas, and 427 plans for bays and anchorages, each with a wealth of practical symbols and overviews providing complementary information so that you can sail with peace of mind. A handy wind-rose icon gives wind direction and exposure for each plan.

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