NV Pilot 3 - Mediterranean East

Planning Chart Mediterranean East - Sicily to Greece - Adriatic Sea
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NV Pilot 3, Mediterranean East, Sicily to Greece - Adriatic Sea
The Pilot 3 is suitable as a planning chart for cruises in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The coasts of Croatia and Greece are completely covered. In addition, the east coast of Italy is completely covered and the west coast of Italy is almost completely covered. The Mediterranean coasts of Turkey and Cyprus are also included in this overview map.

This folding map consists of two overview maps:

  • Map 1, scale 1:1.75 million > Tyrenian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea and waters south of Sicily to the coast of Tunisia.
  • Map 2, scale 1:1,75 Mio > Eastern Mediterranean Sea up to 17° East (Calabria, Punta Stilo)

Both charts show the important beacons for passage planning as well as routes including distances. The names are in English. The map is in A1 format, folded approx. 15 x 30 cm.

Our recommendation:
The coast of Croatia with its countless islands is a fantastic sailing area. With our NV atlases HR1 and HR2 you are perfectly equipped for the entire coast!

Informazioni dettagliati
Cod.Art. 10279
Nome prodotto NV Pilot 3 - Mediterranean East
Garanzia 0
ISBN 978-3-945902-84-4
EAN 9783945902844
Produttore / Editore NV Charts
Tipo di prodotto Carta
Tipologia di prodotto Carta
Categorie Carta nautica
Lingua Inglese
Short Description Planning Chart Mediterranean East - Sicily to Greece - Adriatic Sea
Paese / Regione Sicilia, Grecia, Italia, Croazia, Montenegro, Cipro, Sporadi settentrionali, Sporadi del sud, Cicladi, Isola d'Elba, Malta
Acque Adria, Mar Egeo, Mar Ionio, Mar Mediterraneo
Anno di pubblicazione 2018
Tipo di rilegatura In Mappe
Tipo di carte nautiche Set di carte - diverse scale
Peso (kg) 0.25
Dimension 1 (cm) 30
Dimension 2 (cm) 15
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