Spitsbergen to Greenland and Iceland

23 august to 4 september 2022

This is an exciting expedition with ocean crossing from Svalbard to Greenland, and a whole week of exploration and discoveries along the coast of East-Greenland. During the voyage we really get a feeling of the big ocean. In recent years the actual edge of the pack ice has been too far north for sailing along it towards the west, but we will still get close to large ice sheets, icebergs and glaciers when we arrive in Greenland.

On this expedition we also get to feel Greenland’s greatness. In the fjords, and among the mountains and glaciers along the north east-coast, we will spend several days. This is an area very few have been before us and we are vulnerable, far from civilization and quite alone. We must be careful and maneuver slowly, but we have the southern Greenland stream with us on our way south. In these waters at this time of year we no longer have the full midnight sun, but it will be very bright 24/7 which is always a good starting point for an adventure trip.

After some good days sailing south along the coast we arrive at the inlet of Scoresby Sound, a huge and magnificent fjord system with glaciers, fjords and mountains. Here, the large icebergs float calmly back and forth and there is much to see and discover. At the entrance to Scoresby we also find the northernmost settlement of the east-coast. The village is called Ittoqqortormiit and has more than 400 inhabitants. Everyone lives in small wooden houses with the world’s coolest colors, and we arrive at the warmest days of the year. The inhabitants are mostly outside to enjoy the sun before the tough winter returns.

A couple of days in Scoresby Sound and we set sails again and head for Iceland and the port of Isafjordur. The crossing takes less than 2 days and at arrival we spend a fair amount of time ashore, stretch our legs and discover what Isafjordur has to offer.

We will be 2-3 skipper and crew, of which all are great sailors, and of which at least one of us has solid experience from similar expeditions.  We will work as guides and polar bear guards when we are ashore in the terrain. Along the way, sailing or on motor, we will include all participants in the sailing. We will generally sail at all times of the day, and everyone onboard will be running watches of 4 hours on and 8 hours off.

It’s not just any sailboat we use on this trip, but our 70-feet expedition boat Valiente. She is a very steady and comfortable boat built in steel, made for sailing in arctic waters. The boat is well equipped and has a large outdoor area, a wheelhouse and a 360-degree-view lounge.

This expedition is like our other adventures, primarily a major exploration, but also a great opportunity to learn a lot about sailing and navigation, and not least the use of a boat as a starting point for explorations and experiences ashore. Are you ready for the summer’s expedition to Greenland and Iceland



Day 1: Trip start in Longyearbyen

We meet at 12:00 on the harbor in Longyearbyen. We start with getting to know each other, before we go through the schedule for the week. We get to know the boat and the equipment, and finish packing provisions and equipments. The life onboard requires cooperation, and before departure we go through routines and procedures onboard, for sailing and emergency situations. We depart and start sailing out the Ice fjord this first evening.

Day 2-5: From Longyearbyen to Shannon Island and Cape Wynn

This will be some ocean crossing from Svalbard to Greenland(!), but with a twist; we will cross quite far north so that we hit Greenland high up on the north-east coast around the Shannon island. The actual distance is about 430 nautical miles, and depending on the weather we spend 3-5 days, but most likely around 4 days.

Day 5-8: Exploration among the fjords on the north-east coast of Greenland

On this part of the expedition we will sail in the fjords, among glaciers, snow-capped mountains and icebergs. This is an area very few people have been to, and not a very common place for sailing, especially not for commercial operators. The maps are poor and it is far off the beaten track, we have to be careful. On the boat we have installed a type of forward-looking sonar that shows the depths also in front of the boat, which is nice to have when navigating in waters with poor maps. On our way south we sail by places like Daneborg and Mosquito Bay, and places where Norwegians and others have been before in history for various reasons.

Day 8-10: The fjord of Scoresby Sound

Scoresby Sound is worth several days exploration. The inlet to the fjord is 27 kilometers wide and there is an enormous system of fjords and glaciers. Here at the inlet of the fjord is also the eastern coast’s northernmost settlement; the village of Ittoqqortormiit. The site has more than 400 inhabitants, all living in small wooden houses in the coolest colors. We arrive at the warmest days of the year, and the residents spend most of the time outside and enjoy the sun before the tough winter returns.

Day 10-13: Sailing from Scoresby to Isafjordur on Iceland

We leave the huge fjord system of Scoresby and arrive Isafjordur on Iceland well in time. The distance is about 230 nautical miles and it will take us around 2 days depending on the weather. Along the way, we can expect to see more icebergs, but also whales that sleep in the surface, swim and dive. Isafjordur is the largest city on the north side of Iceland and when we are well moored we make time for caring both body and soul; here we find both good swimming pools with hot and cold tubs, and good restaurants and bars that we can check out. Good job, well in port!

In Longyearbyen and on Iceland

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Longyearbyen in advance of the trip, then we recommend staying an extra day or two before traveling home. It’s always smart to add time for some rest and calmness before and after such a trip, to let the impressions sink in and see what’s happening.

The program

The program may change according to weather and conditions, but it gives an indication of how we spend the days.


What`s included?

individual arrival

NOK 55`700


  • Trip experience with sailboat – experienced and locally familiar skipper/instructor on board
  • Extra crew/guide
  • All the food we eat on board during the trip
  • Accommodation on board the whole trip
  • Our Comfort Package which consists of accommodation in a shared double cabin (bunk or double bed) with a ready-made bed (warm and nice duvets and pillows!)
  • Use of our shared trip-equipment: dinghy, kayaks, fishing equipment etc.
  • All boat-related expenses such as diesel, gas, harbour fees etc.
  • Personal safety equipment, HH inflatable life vest
  • A shared experience and friendship with like-minded adventurers from around the world
  • A lot of time outdoors – raw and honest nature experiences
  • Advice, guidance and practical training on sailing and boating in general. As an active crew member you will be engaged in, and learn to run a boat.
  • Survival Suit and Search and rescue (SAR) insurance for everyone on board
  • An environmentally friendly, sustainable, unique, exotic and exclusive Norwegian adventure holiday

Not included

  • Travels to/from S/Y Valiente
  • We do not have our own chef on this trip. As a part of the crew, you contribute on a rotating basis with the cooking and operation of the boat
  • Optional meals at cafés/restaurants
  • Entrance to galleries, museums and similar, or other alternative arrangements and activities that you/we may come up with along the way
  • Optional activities where we hire external guides and equipment, such as kayaking, glacier hikes or surfing
  • Personal snack for excursions on land (so, it’s smart to bring a little extra snack)
  • Drinks like wine, beer or high-exclusive apple juice and other luxury (yes, we drink beer and wine on board, bring your own)
  • Travel/cancellation insurance – recommended, but up to you (normally you don’t need a special insurance to sail)



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