Greece Sea Guide 2, Part 2

Vol 2b - Eastern Aegean, Dodecanese
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Product name: Greece, Sea Guide Vol ??b

  • The most detailed pilot book existing today
  • over 30 nautical charts A2 or A3 size
  • over 180 port plans, bays, straights etc.
  • waypoints marked in practical positions
  • local pilot and touristic information

Description: Eastern Aegean, Dodecanese

ISBN: 978-960-89742-0-3

Language: Greek and English

Edition: 2008

No of edition: 3

Weight (Kg): 1,375

Dimensions (cm): 41 x 29

Dimensions (folded)    

Pages: 130

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Artikelnummer BD2702
Haupttitel Greece Sea Guide 2, Part 2
Untertitel Vol 2b - Eastern Aegean, Dodecanese
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ISBN 978-960-89742-0-3
EAN 9789608974203
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