Reeds Nautical Almanac 2022

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Reeds Nautical Almanac provides all the information required to navigate Atlantic coastal waters around the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and the entire European coastline from the tip of Denmark right down to Gibraltar, Northern Morocco, the Azores and Madeira.

The 2022 edition continues the Almanac's tradition of year on year improvement and meticulous presentation of all the data required for safe navigation. Now with an improved layout for easier reference and with over 45,000 annual changes, it is regarded as the bible of almanacs for anyone going to sea.

The 2022 edition is updated throughout, containing over 45,000 changes, and includes:700 harbour chartlets - tide tables and tidal streams - buoyage and lights - 7,500 waypoints - invaluable passage notes - distance tables - radio, weather and safety information - first aid section. Also: a free Marina Guide.

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Nom de produit Reeds Nautical Almanac 2022
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ISBN 9781472990457
EAN 9781472990457
Fabricant / éditeur Adlard Coles
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Catégories Livre de bord / Livres pilotes
Langue Anglais
Pays / Région Açores, Île de Madère, Belgique, Danemark, Allemagne, Angleterre, France, Pays-Bas, Portugal, Espagne
Eaux Manche (mer), Océan Atlantique, Golfe de Gascogne, Mer du Nord
Année de publication 2022
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