NV Pilot 2 - North Sea

Planning Chart North Sea - Falmouth to Kristiansand - Inverness
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NV Pilot 2, North Sea - Falmouth to Kristiansand - Inverness
The Pilot 2 from NV Charts is the planning chart you need for the North Sea. The west coast of Denmark, the German North Sea and the coast of the Netherlands are covered in this chart. You will also find the area around the English Channel and the east coast of Great Britain. The waterproof nautical chart is a great help for tour planning and provides valuable information on currents and prevailing winds.

  • This folding map consists of three overview maps:

    Map 1, scale 1:750,000 > the southwestern North Sea and German Bight from Dover to Helgoland as well as Dogger Bank in the north
  • Map 2, scale 1:750,000 > English Channel from Falmouth/Ushant to Dover in scale
  • Map 3, scale: 1:1,255,000 > North Sea from Great Yarmouth to Kristiansand, Inverness as well as the south coast of Norway.

All three maps show the beacons, oil rigs, traffic separation areas and wind farms that are important for passage planning. The designations are in English. The map is in A1 format, folded approx. 15 x 30 cm and waterproof.

Our recommendation:
For Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands we offer detailed atlases, in paper and digital. We will be happy to advise you on planning your cruise!

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Nom de produit NV Pilot 2 - North Sea
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ISBN 978-3-945902-83-7
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Fabricant / éditeur NV Charts
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Short Description Planning Chart North Sea - Falmouth to Kristiansand - Inverness
Pays / Région Danemark, Allemagne, Pays-Bas
Eaux Mer du Nord
Année de publication 2021
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Type de cartes nautiques Jeu de cartes - différentes échelles
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