East Africa Pilot

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Delwyn McPhun has cruised the coast of East Africa between Kenya and Durban for nearly a decade and has surveyed the area covered by this pilot book in detail, visiting each port, harbour and anchorage that he describes. As a long-term resident of the East African countries, he has gained unrivalled working knowledge of the people, customs and problems that the visiting yachtsman may encounter. His sailing directions and narrative have been produced as a complete handbook for both yachtsmen and diving enthusiasts. 'East Africa Pilot' is produced to the high standard that is associated with Imray cruising guides and will be recognised as the definitive work on the area.

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REF BD6124
Nom de produit East Africa Pilot
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ISBN 9780852882511
EAN 9780852882511
Fabricant / éditeur Imray
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Type de produit Livre
Type de produit Papier
Catégories Livre de bord / Livres pilotes
Langue Anglais
Pays / Région Afrique de l'Est
Eaux Océan Indien
Auteur Delwyn McPhun
Année de publication Avant 2000
Édition 1
Type de reliure Couverture cartonnée
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